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Extended RV Warranty Work and Most Insurances Accepted.

In need of RV roof repair?  You do not want a leaky roof on their RV because leaks can cause serious damage to the interior of the RV as well as its structure. RV roof leaks, roof vent leaks, or RV roof air conditioning seal leaks can quickly lead to significant damage.

5 signs that your RV roof is in need of repair:

  • Exterior siding looks wavy or has bubbles
  • Cabinets inside the corners are stained
  • Paneling or floor is soft
  • There are black dots or spots on the ceiling
  • White or black streaks running down the sides from the roof after rainfall or washing

If you are seeing some of these signs, we can offer an inspection to determine what your options are and what steps should be taken to repair or replace your roof. Our qualified staff is trained to repair or refinish any roof issues to comply with manufacturer specifications.

RV Roof Maintenance

RV roof maintenance is critical to keeping your roof in good shape.  We recommend this process be done every three years, and we offer a roof reseal process for all three types of roofs.

We use the highest quality products to seal your roof including Dicor Rubber, fiberglass, and metal roof acrylic coating. We complete a rigorous cleaning and power wash of your roof. We then care for all the joints, seams, skylights and vents with Dicor Lap Sealant followed by two complete coats of Dicor Acrylic Coating.

Our result is a bright white new looking roof. Our process protects the rubber from breaking down extending the life of your roof. The lap sealant is a caulking that is applied before the sealant which always stays flexible and will never harden. This is important because when your RV is moving, the walls and rubber roof are flexing.

Why hire a Professional?

Products purchased to repair RV roofs from DIY stores may cause more harm to your roof.  We use products especially manufactured to allow for the flexibility and movement required of an RV roof.  We are trained to examine your roof and look for the beginning signs of damage.  By using a professional service to provide routine maintenance, you can prevent the complete replacement of your roof.  We stand behind our roof repairs 100%.

Will my insurance cover roof damage?

Your insurance will often cover RV roof repair or replacement.  Damage to your roof caused by low hanging branches, house eaves, or most any other cause is almost always covered by your insurance policy.  We are experienced dealing with insurance companies and can assist you in your claim.

Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you want to know the work is done right and for a reasonable price. You can rely on our staff to keep your roof watertight and in excellent condition.

Mobile RV roof repair services these roof types:

Metal roof repair – found mostly on older model RVs

Fiberglass – We offer a fiberglass to rubber roof conversion

RV Rubber Roofs:

  • EPDM rubber roof replacement and repair – When these roofs breakdown, they begin to chalk and run down the sides.  This rubber has a 12-year life expectancy.
  • TPO rubber roof replacement- This design has a felt backing which acts as a wick to soak up moisture causing the wood underneath to rot.  This rubber starts to turn gray or off white as it breaks down.

Alpha Systems Super Flex – This is the state-of-the-art membrane system we use to replace rubber roofs.  We are one of the few distributors for this product in California. The Alpha Systems Super Flex doesn’t discolor, won’t chalk and won’t turn black.
RV Roof Before
RV Roof repair
RV Roof After
RV Roof Repair
RV Roof REpair
RV Roof Repair
RV Weatherization
RV Weatherization
New Rubber Membrane